Introducing Epicare®

The revolutionary hair removal system that has become a globally accepted phenomenon. Women all over the world are using this product to make facial hair removal easy and painless. The unique spring design of this product is based on the ancient principles of threading where traditionally, facial hair is removed using a cotton thread.

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Remove facial hair

It can be used for cheeks, chin, forehead upper lips and the neck region. Unlike other epilators, it does not tear your skin. The hair regrowth will be slower and finer. As a result, you will be able to say goodbye to the embarrassing peach fuzz and achieve a more graceful and feminine form.

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Saves You Time

No more salon appointments. No more waiting for bleaching and depilatory products to take effect. Use Epicare® anytime or whenever the need calls for it. No more messy preparations. Reclaim the extra time for yourself.

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