FAQ about Epicare International

1. How do I keep Epicare® clean?

To clean Epicare® bend Epicare® like an inverted “U” and shake off trapped hair. Wipe with a dry clean cloth or tissue.

2. How long will Epicare® last? How long before it needs to be replaced?

6 to 8 months provided the spring is handled with care and not exposed to dampness.

3. Are there parts that need to be replaced with Epicare®?

No. Once the spring’s elasticity wares off or the spring is rusted, it has to be replaced.

4. My daughter is 12 years old. Can she use Epicare®?

Yes, even girls as young as 10 have used Epicare®. Children have sensitive skin, and Epicare® is the perfect hair removal product.

5. Can men use Epicare®?

Epicare® is recommended for women. However, some men with fine facial hair can use Epicare®.

6. I am pregnant. Is it safe for me to use Epicare®?

Definitely. Epicare® does not use any harmful chemicals, waxes, creams or bleaches.

7. Can Epicare® be used on other parts of the body?

No! Epicare® was designed for use on the upper lip, chin, cheeks and neck areas. It should not be used to remove hair from the eyebrows, as it will pull your eyelashes out! Yes, it is that effective!! It should also not be used to remove hair from the ears, armpits, legs, back, bikini area or any other body area not specified.

8. Will using Epicare® remove a layer of my skin?

No. Epicare® only snags the facial hair and pulls them by the roots, unlike waxing where a thin layer of skin is also removed leaving your skin red and raw.

9. Conventional threading caused my skin to break out afterwards. Will using Epicare® cause the same reaction?

It should not. However, it is suggested that your face is cleansed, toned and moisturized after each Epicare® use. For those with really sensitive skin, apply a thin layer of antibiotic cream such as Neosporin.

10. Will using Epicare® cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation?

Epicare® is safe and natural and if you do not have an allergic reaction or skin irritation to tweezing (where hair is also removed from the roots), then you should not have any with Epicare®. If you have really sensitive skin, you may experience a slight redness, which should fade quickly.

11. Will hair regrowth be coarser after using Epicare®?

Regular use of Epicare® may result in finer facial hair as hair is removed from the roots. It certainly will not make the hair growth increase or become thicker.

12. Can Epicare® remove coarse hair?

Yes. Epicare® can remove coarse hair provided you use it correctly. If used incorrectly, the hair will not be removed from the roots. The more you practice, the more familiar you will get about how to use it effectively. Some customers with hormonal issues use Epicare® twice a day as hair growth is faster for them.

13. Is hair removal by Epicare® painful?

There is some amount of pain similar to threading as hair is being pulled from the roots. However, with regular use the skin will get desensitised.

14. How long before I need to use Epicare® again?

Hair regrowth varies from person to person, and depends on your genetics and ethnicity. It may take anywhere from 3 days to 4 weeks before you need to use Epicare® again.

15. Is hair removal by Epicare® permanent?

No. The hair will grow back. What is so wonderful about Epicare® is that you do not have to wait for the hair to grow to a certain length before you remove it. The moment it is slightly more than stubble Epicare® can be used.

16. Whats is Epicare® made of?

Epicare® comprises of a spring made of specially coated hypo-allergenic alloy and high quality plastic handles on both ends.

17. How does Epicare® work?

All you need to do is to bend the spring into an inverted “U”, place it against the area on the face where hair is to be removed and rotate Epicare® in an inward and outward motion to manually remove hair on your face.

18. Is there a chance that Epicare® will break?

Ideally, no. Epicare is made of high quality alloy which makes it quite resistant to any kind of shocks and jerks. It would not break even if you happen to drop it at some place

19. I want to remove extremely fine hair from my face. Is it possible?

Yes. You can work on fine hair with the help of Epicare. All you need to do is learn the right way of using it.

20. Can I use Epicare® on my eyebrows?

No. Epicare can be used for chin, cheeks, neck and upper lip hair removal. You will have to adopt other methods of hair removal for eyebrows as they need shaping as well.

21. Can Epicare® cause ingrown hair?

In grown hair is quite common with hair removal methods that epilate hair strands. Luckily, no such problem will be experienced because of Epicare as it has a very gentle hair removing option.

22. Can I use Epicare® every day?

You will not need to do so. As Epicare removes hair right from the roots, they take time to regrow so a daily use is not needed. In case you wish to, you can because Epicare does not harm or irritate the skin in any way.

23. Do we have color choices in Epicare®?

Of course, there are 8 colors to choose from. All you need to do is chose the color that you like the most and order it from our online store. It would reach you within 4-14 business days, depending on your location.