Why Epicare®

Epicare® is the fastest selling and original facial hair removal threader worldwide. It was invented way back in the year 1999. It is the only facial hair remover that will leave your skin feeling smooth and flawless without causing ingrown hair, coarse hair growth or pigmentation. Say goodbye to tedious tweezing and plucking screams, waxing mess or smelly creams that leave chemical burns. You can now get your hands on the most efficient hair removal system in the world that will make you look more beautiful and more feminine than ever before. Just slide this little tool in your handbag or carry it around however or wherever you like. Whenever you feel the need to clean that nasty upper lip hair or small outgrowths on the chin, just use your Epicare® hair removal system and you will get rid of these unwanted hair.

Epicare® offers you the freedom and frees up time that would have been spent going to the salon or spa and gives you the most effective and affordable option to remove hair at in the comfort of your own home. It is based on the ancient principal of threading used extensively in India and Middle East. Just bend and Roll Epicare’s revolutionary spring and unwanted hair gets removed from the roots. It can be used for cheeks, chin, forehead upper lips and the neck region. Unlike other epilators, it does not tear your skin. The hair regrowth will be slower and finer. As a result, you will be able to say goodbye to the embarrassing peach fuzz and achieve a more graceful and feminine form.

The hypo-allergenic construction of Epicare® makes it one of the safest facial hair remover tools around. You can use it anytime you like. Stop going to the salons to remove facial hair every week. Just get one Epicare® and your life will be changed forever. To learn more about Epicare® please visit our F.A.Q. section.

Epicare®’s Face Threading Tool

The Epicare® face threading tool is Environmental friendly and reusable:

✓ Epicare® made of the finest material and it is reusable multiple times.
✓ No heating required.
✓ No batteries required.
✓ No power charging required.
✓ Go green effortlessly with Epicare®.

Easy to use:

✓ Just Bend and Roll.
✓ No need for mirrors.

Convenient and save you time:

✓ No more salon appointments.
✓ No more waiting for bleaching and depilatory products to take effect.
✓ Use Epicare® anytime or whenever the need calls for it.
✓ No more messy preparations.
✓ Reclaim the extra time for yourself.

Small enough to carry around:

✓ Epicare® is small and light enough to go where ever you are. Best for “hairy emergencies”.
✓ Slip Epicare® into your handbag and leave one in your car.

Able to remove very fine and short facial hair quickly and effectively:

✓ Unlike waxing/tweezing/traditional facial hair threading, there is no need to wait for hair to grow until a certain length before you can remove it.

Finer hair re-growth:

✓ It is proven that removing facial hair with Epicare® results in finer hair regrowth as facial hair are removed from the roots.

Save your skin:

✓ Using Epicare® does not “remove a layer of skin” like waxing or traditional threading does.
✓ There is no need to pull or stretch your skin when using Epicare®. No risk of causing wrinkles!
✓ Do away with strong bleaching and depilatory creams which contain strong chemicals that sometimes will cause adverse effects on pregnant and breast-feeding mothers and women with very delicate and sensitive skin.

Low risks of outbreaks:

✓ Epicare® is coated with specially formulated hypo-allergenic material to minimise breakouts.
✓ Saves you money.
✓ With repeated use of Epicare®, you could achieve potential savings of over $400 in a year!