Epicare® – The Easiest, Most Affordable & Safest Way of Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair has always been a challenge for women. While there are a number of epilators, razors and different waxes available in the market to provide effective body hair removal, there is nothing you may have found that is reliable to use safely on the sensitive skin of the face. In the end, you either have to depend upon painful plucking or tweezing or spend a fortune on costly laser hair removal systems. Introducing Epicare® – the revolutionary hair removal system that has become a globally accepted phenomenon. Women all over the world are using this product to make facial hair removal easy and painless. The unique spring design of this product is based on the ancient principles of threading where traditionally, facial hair is removed using a cotton thread. Popular in India and the Middle East, threading is now the rage in the west.

This is your chance to look like you have always wanted, eliminating the unwanted hair that has been troubling you for so long. Now, you don’t need an appointment at the salon or keep the dreaded plucker in your dresser. Order Epicare® hair removal system today. This compact, portable and highly efficient product is a breeze to use. Use it at home, while watching T.V. or anywhere you like. Whether it is a date with a special someone or a sudden office meeting, you can now get ready within minutes and face the situation with confidence.

Epicare® will free you from all the painful and ineffective methods of facial hair removal that you have tried in the past. It is the only facial hair remover in the market that provides an easy and affordable method to remove unwanted hair at home. Your skin will not be harmed and will retain a silky smooth appearance as well. Forget about the pain and fear associated with trying a new product. Order it today! You will be glad you did.

Facial hair fuzz can be unsightly and embarrassing for most women especially those who love flawless looking skin on their faces. Epicare® happens to be the best way of getting rid of such unsightly and distressing facial hair anywhere and at any given time, leaving your face feeling silky, smooth and attractively feminine. The inspiration behind the invention of Epicare® is threading which is an ancient hair removal technique in which cotton thread is used to remove hair without the need for waxing or plucking.

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Threading has been popular for facial hair removal in some parts of the world, especially in the Middle East & India, but has now gained popularity in the West as well. The Epicare® Hair Removal Threader consists of a spring that is made of high quality steel coated with a hypoallergenic substance. There are small handles on either end made of tough, high-grade plastic. Just Bend, Twist and Roll along the area where hair is to be removed. The thread is eliminated making Epicare® so easy to use for removing facial hair. With so many attractive colors to choose from, finding the right color to match your personality is just a click away.

The best thing about Epicare® is that it is so affordable compared to other methods of hair removal, and you stand to save a huge amount of money annually by choosing to use this hair removal product as opposed to regular, high priced salon visits for waxing or plucking.

Epicare® is real value for your money and durable as each spring lasts a minimum of 6 – 10 months! It stands out from other methods of hair removal like waxing which can cause skin to sag over time, or shaving which leads to the growth of rougher hair with blunt ends, or bleaching which can leave you with chemical burns or tweezing which can be a painful, time-consuming affair, or laser which is expensive and not 100% reliable. Epicare is a guaranteed hair removal method.

The advantages clearly show just how effective and safe Epicare® is in getting rid of your facial hair. It is an inexpensive and very easy method of keeping your face as smooth as you’d love it to be.

Experts have reviewed The Epicare® threader for hair removal and it has been highly recommended. You can be assured that you are using a product that has gone through extensive testing and has a proven track record as being the best in the market as far as hair removal is concerned. It is definitely the hair removal solution you have been looking for. Feminine, affordable, Environmentally friendly, reusable, pain free and stylish. Epicare® is the best hair removal method available.

So go ahead and try it – perhaps it’s the solution to your “hairy” problem!

Cost effective Facial Hair Removal

Epicare® is the easiest, most economical and fastest way to remove facial hair, leaving your face smooth, silky and feminine anytime and anywhere.

  • No waxing – May cause facial skin to sag over a period of time and become costly with regular salon trips.
  • No shaving – Causes in grown hair and rough hair growth resulting in the need to frequently maintain and spend more and more time on facial hair removal.
  • No bleaching – Can cause chemicals burns and is again costly.
  • No tweezing or plucking – Tedious as hair has to be pulled out individually and can leave your skin red, agitated and uncomfortable.
  • No laser – Expensive, time consuming and it is not always effective.